As an international establishment, we are determined to take responsibility concerning the matters below regarding environment protection.

The activities related with our field are to search for the effects on the environment and on human’ health. To bring up these effects to a standard basis;
• To follow up legal and other conditions and to make arrangements in accordance to it
• We will choose our technological supplies by taking into consideration the environment effects.
• We will work in collaboration with the required parties.
• We will provide training for our workers and suppliers if necessary to inform them
• In order to decrease the energy and equipment usage we will search for possibilities to reduce recycling
• We will eliminate the recycling in a legal way
• We will work in environment according to the Environment Managing System ISO 14001 as to control
• The standards on a periodical basis in order to ameliorate the target.

EMTA ENERGY provides EPCM contracting services for high voltage overhead transmission lines and substations. The Company, which is the leader company in Turkish T&D Market as the preferred and prequalified supplier of governmental and major private sector investors in Turkey, has also completed EPCM Projects in Iraq, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Company aims to keep its leader position in Turkish Market and enlarge its business portfolio in the focused foreign markets.

EMTA ELECTRCITY is material dealer and trading company for local market, which is responsible from sales and marketing operations of the products under production of its sister companies and solution partners. Differently from its competitors, the company provides an engineering support in order to simplify our customer’s technical teams’ work.

EMTA CONTRACTING, which is EPCM electromechanical and civil contractor company for renewable energy generation projects is also responsible from the construction works of investments of its sister companies.

EMTA FOREIGN TRADE, which is global material dealer and trading company, has already exported more than 36 countries in 4 continents.
Over the last 10 years, EMTA has transformed itself from a company focused on the domestic market to a company that serves the needs of customers in many countries in 5 continents. In addition to Turkish market, the markets that the company focused on are Middle East, North Africa, North America and CIS countries’ energy transmission and distribution markets.

EMTA has established his own overseas companies or branch offices in Erbil/Iraq, Baghdad/Iraq, Tripoli/Libya, Abu Dhabi/UAE, Dammam/ King of Saudi Arabia and Vancouver/ Canada in order to increase the number of its own direct contacts in the focused markets.

In order to get the benefit that institutionalization brought in competitive conditions of the present day, to constitute a management system in which institutionalization is efficient in all organizational levels and to reflect the importance of environmental and work security risks to the business with the works we have completed in our sector our group has commenced institutionalization studies.

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