Quality Policy

Quality Policy

• Commitment to the works that we know we can do well,

• We undertake all our commitments to meet customer expectations

• To raise awareness of the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction in the continuity of the company

• To get ahead with our quality in the energy sector in which we operate

• To fulfill the requirements of the contract in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and standards and to fulfill the applicable requirements of the related parties,

• To provide “Faultless Work”  with based on continuous development,

• To follow the sectoral developments required for the job and to integrate them in a timely manner,

• To determine the performance criteria of the main activities and to measure them regularly,

• To continuous improvement the quality performance by systematic and efficient methods,

• Operating in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct prepared in the light of values and principles,

• To share experiences and to ensure the continuity of corporate information,

• Our company's human resources, accumulation and financial power to protect, to increase and to ensure sustainability.

• Continuously updating the information of employees through periodic trainings while continuing our projects with professional staff at all levels,

• By evaluating the data obtained, "For the continuation and development of success"  Our policy is to continue our way without stopping and to provide all the necessary resources in thataway.


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